Winter Tips for Dancers

It has been an unseasonably cold winter here in the Treasure Valley, and we're all feeling it! Storms have sometimes canceled classes, sidewalks and parking lots are icy, and the cold can really sink into your body at this time of year! Here are some tips to stay at your best, even in the cold winter weather.



A lot of times dancers don't drink enough in the winter because they don't feel as hot or thirsty as they do in warmer weather, but with the dry air and cold temps, you can get even more dehydrated! Make sure you keep your water bottle handy, and that you are drinking enough throughout the day.


Winter Gear

It can be tempting to run from the car to the studio in your dance clothes, but it's important to wear appropriate winter and warm-up attire. This will help your muscles stay warm and adapt more quickly to class requirements and stretches. Not to mention, winter shoes with traction are a must on icy walkways!  


Warm Up

Remember that when you do come in from the cold, your body and your muscles need a little time to adjust. Doing a few jumping jacks or jogging in place while you wait for your class can be great ways to get your core temperature up, and blood flowing before you head into class.


Wash Hands

This time of year there are a lot of sniffles and sickness going around. Make sure you wash your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly. And don't share water bottles or food!


Rest Up

It's easy to get worn down in the winter, especially as we are heading into competition season. Make sure that you are getting plenty of ZZZZs to properly rest the body and to ward off any illness or strain.  


Take these tips into consideration when preparing for your dance day and avoid the winter crud...Now everyone pray for Spring!