Tips to Make Practice Part of Your Routine

With performances and recitals just around the corner, it’s now even more important to make practice part of your weekly schedule. Besides that, practice makes younger dancers feel more accomplished and confident in class—and they enjoy their dance experience even more!

Simply put, practice time is necessary for improvement. In today’s world our schedules are so full it can feel like there’s barely time to juggle class schedules, let alone practice. But integrating dance practice into your week and creating good dancer habits just takes a bit of organization and commitment.

Here are some tips to help:

Make the Time

Schedule dance practice just like a class or appointment. Reserve the time in your calendar and set aside an amount of time that is realistic for your normal schedule.

Set the Scene

Try clearing space in your home to make room for practice. Physically opening up the area will help clear your thoughts and get you in the mindset to dance.

Get Dressed Up

Changing into dance gear will help shift you into dance mode as well. Not only that, but the proper clothing will help you make the moves count.

Set a Timer

Work hard while the timer is running, and once it goes off, you’re done! This can be especially helpful and fun for little dancers.

Try a Mini Practice

Mini practices are sometimes easier to fit into a packed schedule. Look for the little opportunities throughout your day to dance, stretch, or practice specific technique.