Tips for Keeping Germs Out of Your Dance Bag

We’re well into fall, which is a fun and cozy time of year—but also the time of year when dancers are more susceptible to catching the flu or a cold. This is an important time to be aware of the little things you can do to prevent germs and hopefully avoid illness.

Your trusty dance bag can be a germ playground at this time of year, especially if you don’t clean it out often enough! For busy dancers, bags end up being a catch-all and a carry-all for everything from dance clothes and shoes to snacks, warm-ups, homework and more!

Here are some tips for keeping your dance bag germ free:

  • Don’t keep dirty clothes in your bag, which gives germs and bacteria an opportunity to multiply.
  • Do empty your dance bag each night, removing anything that needs cleaning or to be thrown away.
  • Do clean your dance bag regularly, wiping down the exterior and interior with disinfectant wipes. Even better, see if your bag is machine washable. 
  • Don’t leave old food or wrappers in your bag, which can also breed bacteria. And always shake or wipe out your bag to get rid of missed crumbs.
  • Do clean your water bottle. Be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect your water bottle after each use.