Nexus Dance Comp

This past weekend our competition teams participated in the Nexus Dance Competition here in Boise. It was a wonderful event, featuring soloists, small group dances, and team performances from several studios across the state. We are so proud of the showmanship, grace, and hard work shown by our dancers during this competition. And their hard work paid off! Here is a list of the awards that the teams received:


  • Bumblebee – Gold, 1st place
  • Mermaid party – Gold, 1st place
  • Ballin’ – Gold,1st place


  • Here Comes the Sun – High Gold, 1st place
  • Gonna Be Mine – Platinum, 1st place, 1st Overall
  • When the Beat Drops – Platinum, 1st place

Impact JR

  • Heart Goes Boom – Gold, 1st place
  • Bust a Move – High Gold, 1st place


  • Crazy Eyes for You – Platinum, 1st place, 1st Overall
  • Kaboom Pow – High Gold, 1st place
  • No Place Like Home – Platinum, 1st place, 1st Overall
  • We Look Good – Platinum, 1st place, 2nd Overall


  • Already Gone – Platinum, 1st place, 3rd Overall
  • Comfort Me- Platinum, 1st place
  • Ritz – Platinum, 1st place
  • Finish Line – Platinum, 1st place


  • Unsteady – High Gold, 1st place
  • Grown – Gold, 1st place
  • Can't Stop – High Gold, 1st place, Overall Winner Novice Group


Congratulations to everyone who performed at this competition!