Acro Class Assessment/Registration

After careful evaluation of our acro program's levels and based on our student's needs, we have have added a level to our acro curriculum.  Registration for our acro classes is now open. However, in an effort to maximize student participation and success, as well as proper progression of technique, all students must have mastered the skills in the previous class in order to move up in classes.  Please take a look at the skills listed under each level.  If you feel that you can easily identify what level your dancer is in, go ahead and register.  If you are uncertain and would like your dancer to be assessed, Miss Amanda will be doing evaluations this Saturday the 22nd and next Saturday the 29th at noon.  These assessments are free of charge. 

The following is a progression chart for acrobatic classes: 

Pre Acro (NEW)
-Superman handstand
-teddy bear head stand 
-pre cart wheel (right and left) 
-forward roll 
-short bridge 
-push up to bridge 
-crab walk 
-rocking chair

Acro 1 
-Hershey's kiss handstand
-front limber
-cartwheel (right and left) 
-down to bridge
-bridge recovery
-cobra to classic 
-bridge kickover 
-back walkover 

Acro 2 
-Front walkover 
-1 handed cartwheel (right and left)
-aerial prep 
-kneeling tinsica
-back roll
-chin stand 
-side aerial

Acro 3 
-front aerial
-standing tinsica
-back handspring
-fish flop/ fish roll
-running tumbling 

Thank you!