10 Things to Know Before Your First Dance Class

Welcome back everyone, and a big welcome to our new dancers! We are so excited

for this new dance season. Our teachers have spent the summer planning classes,

music, choreography and costumes that we hope you’ll love. So as we kick off the

semester, we thought it would be useful to put together a few notes for your first

class—It’s a nice reminder for both new and returning dancers!

1. Get the details. Knowing what time your class starts, which day, and in which

studio will make your first day much smoother. (But rest assured, our staff is

always here to help point you in the right direction!)

2. Confirm the dress code. Many classes have specifics on what to wear and

how to style hair, so make sure you know what applies to your class. These

dress codes help with team unity, eliminating distractions, and teacher ease.

Dress codes can be found on our website: www.danceunlimitedstudios.com.

3. Arrive a few minutes early. That way you have time to use the restroom

before class and store your items in the cubbies in either the dressing room

or studios.

4. Bring your best attitude! Help your dancer get excited for a new class by

talking about having fun, being ready to learn and ready to make new friends.

5. And some H2O. Water is the best hydrator when participating in a dance

class. And remember, only water is allowed into the studio, in a water bottle

with a lid. (No juice or colored sports drinks.)

6. Only the basics. In order to minimize distractions, no toys or food are

allowed in dance class. (So leave everything besides your water bottle in the

car or in a cubbie.)

7. Find a familiar face. If your teacher is new to you (or your dancer), take a

moment to look at his or her photo on our website.

8. Capture the moment. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture first-class fun,

and use our selfie wall for a little bit of pop! Don’t forget to tag us if you post

on social media!

9. Pick up on time. Make sure you pick up your student from class on time. This

helps everyone stay safe, and prevents our youngest dancers from worry.

10. Now relax! Parents can watch class on the TVs in our lobby, or feel free to run

a quick errand once your dancer is in class.

Now let’s have a great first class! See you this week!